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All my days go past and at the end I sit and reflect that not a heck of a lot was achieved! I’m getting itchy feet to go back to some sort of p/t work – mainly to get out a bit, but also to consolidate what I do around the house into a few more practical days. I’m waiting on a phone call about a possible job and I’m getting nervous!! Everytime the phone rings my tummy does flip-flops!

Dad had his heart operation on Monday and is coming home today. All seems OK this time so fingers crossed that it stays in rhythm.

Kate called last night from Calcutta. She and Rohan are having a grand old time in India and have 3 weeks of holiday to go.

I’m organising a street Christmas party. Met a few more neighbours over the weekend when the girls were out riding their bikes in the daylight saving sunshine. There were 10 kids all riding and rollerblading (including Justin) and playing hide and seek. This street has such a great atmosphere and everyone is keen for the get-together. There has also been a Christmas light challenge – we are hopeless at lights! There is no way we are going to win this one!

Holly has swimming lessons at school every day for the next 2 weeks and we have forgotten an item of clothing every day so far. Today it was shoes, so I now have to run them down. Meg forgot her bag this morning! There is so much going on at that time, so remembering 4 peoples individual needs is becoming a headache. There must be a better way.:)

Gotta make a shoe delivery – have a great day.

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Amy is 13months old today – still not walking! She is however going along really well with the splint and it is actually a good cue for her to know when sleep time is happening. As soon as she sees it now, she gets ready to find blankie and lies down for me to strap it on her. How quickly they adapt!

Here are a few pics of Meg’s 5th Birthday on 6th October.
She is going to a session of kindergarten tomorrow and even has homework to do for it – colouring in a page. Last night there was a parents meeting at the school and at 9pm I realised I had missed it. I must be getting too blase about this whole thing.

And here are a few pics of Tassie. Well only two, as I didn’t really take many photos while we were there. Too busy relaxing 🙂
This one was is of us with Peter Cundall from the ABC Gardening show. The Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is where he has his vegetable patches and as we were walking through he was standing there. He thought Amy was a boy, even though she was decked out in Pink. Justin corrected him and he apologised saying that he was indeed colourblind and it got him into trouble all the time.

I’ve just discovered Facebook, thanks to Laura and her move to the UK, and now I am quite addicted.

Have a great week.

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We are back from Tasmania and had a great time. Things are busy as usual and I feel that I haven’t had time to do much at all. Amy was fitted with her new night time splint yesterday. She did well last night but I hate it. I just hate it. It is very bulky and cumbersome and she can’t move at all when she is in it. I miss her cheeky little face peeking over the rail when she stands up in the cot – guess I won’t be seeing that again for another year. It is such a bummer.

I’ve got some photos from Tassie to share so I’ll load them up when I get a moment.

Have a great day.

Funny Jess

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Jess had her 3 year old health and development check yesterday. Jusitn came with us, which is a first for him, but because he is already on holidays it was a good chance for him to see what goes on.

I have to say that I was a bit worried about how Jess would perform in the tests, because as she is the third I am not as dedicated to the whole “lets learn” thing as I was with the first two. Poor Amy will be in remedial classes forever! Anyhoo, Jess’s first task was to do a shape puzzle. She did it very well and quite easily but then the nurse asked her about what shapes they were. I didn’t think she would be able to do it and I held my breath. Circle – yep, square – yep (OMG that was a shock), triangle (there is no way she’ll get this one) yep she did. Phew! She is not as bad as I thought. She even got the colours right. Clearly I have underestimated her brilliance!

Then the nurse drew a picture of a head with a body and legs but only one arm. She asked Jess what was missing from this picture of ‘mummy’. “Her arm” Jess said and drew it in. The nurse then asked “And what else is missing from mummy?” and Jess replied “Amy”.

The rest of the session went well and most importantly, she passed the vision test. Thanks goodness for that, as 3 in glasses would have driven me to drink. She is off the chart for height at 105cm tall and in the 97th percentile for weight at 18.2kg. The nurse said she is just gorgeous and expects her to be a supermodel.

Off to Tassie tomorrow. There is always so much to do before you go away isn’t there. And leaving the kids means an extra lot of stuff to have ready for them. I need more hours in my day.

Have a great one.


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We’ve just returned from seeing the Orthopaedic specialist for a review of Amy’s hips and the news was not really what I wanted to hear.

The two hips are developing at the same rate, but the right is smaller than the left, and has been over the past 2 x-rays. This in itself would not be such a problem, except that both hips sit out too far, instead of being quite neatly tucked in. Left untreated and it would be bad news in the long term. So we are back to having to wear a splint, but this time only when she sleeps. If I hadn’t worked so hard over the past few months to get her to sleep in the night I’d be feeling a lot happier about this right now.

This splint is for at least 6 months, but more than likely to be longer and if no improvement then another option is surgery.

We had an echindna in the front garden yesterday. Jess called it an ‘eekidenap’.


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4th October, 1997

It is our Tenth Wedding Anniversary today. Happy Anniversary Justin!

I got up earlier than Jus this morning and put our wedding photo on his laptop. Jessie said “Happy Marriage Day” and then we looked through the official wedding album which I am pretty sure they have never seen. Meg was interested in who all the people were but didn’t recognise my dad. When I told her who it was she said “Oh, Pa in his young days”. Golly – ten years wasn’t that long ago!

I loved my wedding. I loved my dress, the bridesmaids dresses and the cake. Love love love. Justin was a huge spunk, standing there looking so tall and happy. I still remember it and how calm I felt. I just couldn’t stop smiling the whole day. My friend Jodie, who was on of my bridesmaids, says to this day that she has never seen a more happy bride. Two regrets on the day only – that Rach wasn’t there, and that Adas and Lin weren’t there. Other than that, it was the most amazing day of my life and I shall remind the children how wonderful when I make them watch the video this afternoon!!

Ten years s quite a feat these days and I am very much in love with my life and all the things that have come our way. We are lucky, truly blessed and very much looking forward to the next decade. It is promising to be as interesting as the last.

I love you Justin – thanks for this amazing life.

The Postie rocks

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It is only just past 8am and the doorbell has rung twice – two fab deliveries.

Firstly – 16 bottle of wine from the wine club. I opened the door and said “Ohhh, I love a man that brings me wine!” He laughed and went on his way.

Then – a package for the two birthday girls, Amy and Meg, from Rowena. They rushed to open them and are now wearing 2 of the funkiest shirts they have ever seen. Meg’s says “Future Feminist” and Amy’s says “Funky Little Sista”. Very cool. Thanks so much Ro.

A great start to the day 🙂

Long weekend – noice

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I just redeemed some FlyBuys points (am I the only one who still uses this?) to get a range top grill plate. Our stove has a long gas burner for yummy grilling, but I’ve never had a grill plate. I’ve been eyeing one off for ages, but it was too expensive. However, now I have one and it didn’t cost me a thing! Gotta love that. And it is even better since I invested in a whole lamb recently and my freezer is chockers with lamb chops.

Our Tarago has been playing up a bit, it has a radiator leak. Everytime I stop to park, I leave a great puddle of radiator fluid behind, so I have to carry water with me and pop the bonnet and refill before I go anywhere. I’m getting pretty good at the pop and fill, but I am jack of it and
A) really want to get it fixed and B) want to win lotto and buy a newer model Tarago. Come on numbers!!

Rach and I went to Sydney yesterday. She had a few jobs to do and wanted some company, so I navigated and she drove. We boycotted all tolls on the principle that we are not from the city and therefore shouldn’t have to pay tolls (but really it was because we had no idea and no change!). We nattered all the way, had lunch with a very interesting lady then come home again. I was so exhausted that I fell into bed at 8.30pm and had to have a sleep this afternoon to catch up!

Holly took an art class this morning. Her school teacher recommended that we run with her natural ability and get her some classes, so I enrolled her in a holiday program which was actually just one session today. She learnt some drawing techniques and painted a canvas of a bird in a tree. She was thrilled with the result and is pestering to be able to go to a weekly lesson, but we’ll have to see. I’m so not into after-school-activities – with a baby and a few others it would be too hectic and I am all into making life as easy as possible while I can!

Mum and Dad are finally home from China and Meg was hoping to catch them speaking Chinese, but no luck there. They had a great time, saw lots of amazing things and got to go to a lot of places that they wouldn’t normally travel too (ie, Mongolia, Gobi Desert, Macau Casino’s).

I’m sure there is much more to tell but it has taken me an hour to write this, with 47 interruptions, and now I have to get the dinner ready. Such is life.

Have a wonderful week and get to Floriade if you can!