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Yes it has been awhile since I updated….

Don’t think I’ve mentioned previously that Meg lost her first tooth. She has since lost another and is very gappy down on the bottom row. However she is no longer now the only one in year 1 with no loose teeth so of course she is delighted with this. She is desperate for the top ones to be loose and when I ask if one is, she practically wobbles her whole head to show me that it is (it isn’t!). Now Amy really wants a loose tooth and she tells me that hers is wobbly and bleeding (it isn’t!).

Amy is cracking me up of late with her antics. When I tell her we need to change her nappy, she grabs the tabs at the same time and rips them off letting the nappy fall to the ground. Then she’ll dance. Now I know you are thinking, why is she still in nappies? Well quite frankly it is because I am holding up the game. If I were more dedicated to the cause I’m sure we’d have it done, but I’m not, so we are doing it at Amy’s (and my) leisure.

Jess is reading. She is a marvel. I’m am going to miss her when she goes to school next year, but boy is she ready. She is spelling and writing and going great guns on this website the school recommended www.readingeggs.com If you have a preschooler, it is absolutely fantastic. Meg loves it too and her reading has improved so much since last term. I was incredibly worried about her but she is not the academic type, so I’m happy that she is improving at her own pace.

Holly has entered the phase at school where little girls are turning into little beasts. She was in tears yesterday because everyone was fighting. How do I tell her that this will go on forever in her life, and that even as adults, we lose precious friends and gain others. I just assured her that as long as she was good in her heart she couldn’t go wrong and that She and I would stick together and be friends for each other. Year 3 is tough but so is being 36!

Kate, Jess wants to come to your place for a holiday. So does Adelaide. And so do I and 3 friends….when they heard I had a sister in Melbourne their eyes lit up and I could almost see the thoughts running through their heads… shopping, DFO, restaurants……yippee!!

Till next time…adieu.

Mothers Day

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Had a super day on Mothers Day, and the adrenaline was pumping before I even got up. I was a bit nervous about the run!! Got there, met up with Mum and Dad, Matt and Penny, did the warm up aerobics and some stretches and headed for the start line. There were hundreds of people running in my event and the start was a bit crazy with everyone jostling for a spot and overtaking/being overtaken. I did my first Km in 5mins, and the second on 5.5mins and after that I was just determined to keep running so didn’t watch the clock too much. There was a girl in front of me most of the way., then I got in front of her, then dam she got around me again. On the hills I am quite strong (thanks to my running around the mountain track) so I overtook her on the last one then bolted home. Justin took a pic of me going over the finish line and that girls head is in shot. Don’t know what her face looks like, but the back of her head is engraved in my mind!! I was determined to beat her. As my friend Jane said afterwards, you always need a nemesis!

So anyway great results. My goal was to finish as close to 27mins as possible. Last years time of 29.40 needed to be smashed!!

Age Category
: 30-39 yrs
Place: 158th out of 750 runners
Time: 27:38mins (27.21 from over the start beep to the end beep)
Age Category place: 22nd
Gender place: 79th

I am really quite delighted and plan to do better than that next year! Thank to everyone who so graciously sponsored me. I raised $360 for Breast Cancer Research and reached some awesome personal goals for myself, so I am very appreciative of your support. This is a photo of me (in maroon shirt) crossing the line and nemesis lady in white shirt!


And this is one after the race, when I am all hot and sweaty, but very happy!!

Have a great week 🙂

Last chance training

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My training in the lead up the the 5km Run on Sunday has peaked and now I am just cruising toward the end. On Saturday I ran my 5km training route in 26mins exactly, a PB and 1 minute under my goal time. Hooyah!! I set myself little shorter run goals as well and successively beat those, so I think I am ready for the Mothers Day Classic. I often wonder why I am doing this, and why I am putting myself under this pressure, but it is because a life without a few goals is just a flatline, and also because I love it!! I really do.

This weekend we took a roadtrip in the new car, out to a nearby town called Collector, for its annual Pumpkin Festival. The Pumpkins were indeed in abundance, as were the farmy kinds of displays. Kids liked it and Justin wants to get an Alpaca!

Here is a recent (and rare) picture of us altogether.

Have a great week.