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More Crochet!


So I have a couple of new projects underway.  This top one is a blanket I am making for a raffle.  Last year the rainbow swirl blanket I made the for the raffle was a huge success.  The lady who won it approached me just recentlyand offered to buy the wool for the next one as a way of ‘Paying it forward’.  She is so in love with her blankie that she wanted someone else to feel the same way.  How nice is that!  So I am now about half way through this one and am enjoying it very much.



This spotty one is Holly’s.  I have never made her a crochet blanket!  So I began the little circles at Christmas time.  70 in total they are about 10 cm each.  Then I went around each circle to make it into a square. Then I stitched all of them together and edged.  Here it is in it’s finished glory.  I have to say it is actually one the best ones I have done.  So cheery and pretty.  It was a massive undertaking and took many hours of work.  I have a sore left arm and shoulder, probably a bit of RSI, but getting better!