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* Kate and Rohan got engaged

* Matt and Penny are having another baby, number 3, in April 2011

* Amy screamed the place down when she got her needles on Wednesday.  Did you hear it from your place?

* no news about the job.  I’ll still turn up on Monday!

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Ok, some breathing space!

I feel as thought my feet haven’t touched the ground in a month.  School holidays, birthdays, visitors, pet minding,job interview, couple of days in Sydney for a meeting and 3 days in Wagga for dancing championships.  And the best thing of all (or worst depending on how you look at it)  is that the bathroom renovating has begun.  They are doing both the main and en-suite at the same time, so we are out in the rumpus room bathroom which has seen better days! ((note:  Meg decided that calling the playroom a ‘playroom’ is babyish and embarrassing so it is now called the’ Rumpus Room’)).

It was so lovely to have Adas and Lin here for a week in the holidays.  We got out and about taking them to our favourite places including Murrumbateman wineries, Floriade, Tidbinbilla, National Museum of Australia, Sth Durras, Federation Square etc.  The girls adored having them around and Justin and I really enjoyed and appreciated the extra adult conversation and bottles of Wine.

My meeting in Sydney was for the Infant Diagnostic Audiologists group, ie those Auds who test the newborn babies who fail the newborn hearing screening at birth.  It was so interesting, and while quite the whirlwind trip, I gained a lot and learned many new things.  My job interview was baout 2 weeks ago, and that is to make my position permanent at The Canberra Hospital.  It was nerve wracking, but I think I did OK.  Haven’t heard any news about it yet.

Wagga was interesting.  The rains came down, the highway was closed, the caravan park got evacuated due to the flooding river and yet we danced on!  Meg was on Saturday in the teams sections and then in an individual section.  She was beautiful, but didn’t get placed.  I was very proud of her, she was dissappointed and declared she was giving it all up.

Holly danced on Sunday, firstly in the teams in which they came second (yay) and then individually.  She was recalled for the finals but then unplaced.  Nonetheless she was thrilled to make the finals and is truly inspired to go on and get batter.  Her teacher sees great potential in her and offered her personal classes next year.  She is a lovely dancer and loves her Physie, so we’ll see where it takes us…

Holly also started playing netball on Monday. It is a little summer comp, only 7 weeks,  at the local netball courts and while she pretty much had no idea what she was doing, so got in there and had a great time.  She’ll get better as the weeks progress, and by winter she’ll be great.  I think she is over the soccer idea and would like to play netball instead.  I asked Meg if she wanted to play considering she wants to give away the dancing.  She said  “No Mum, I just want a simple life”. Bless 🙂

With all this happening I missed Sascha’s 40th birthday in Sydney and Emma’s christening, in which Justin was the Godfather.  Justin and Jess went up for the celebrations on the weekend, while I froze and got soaked in Wagga!.

Jess progressed another grade in her swimming classes.  She is now in K6 and quite a strong little swimmer.  We did fast track in the holidays and she was in a class on her own, so I think the extra one-on-one tuition really helped her fine tune a few skills.  Amy wouldn’t do the fast track because she had a man teacher.  Well the fuss that went on was embarrassing and frustrating, so I just didn’t bother with it.

We are off this morning to have Amy’s 4 yr old health check.  She has her last set of Immunization needles as well as checking her eyes, weight and height.  I’ve primed her up for the needle and she is focusing on the iceblock that she’s going to have afterwards.

Holly Meg and Jess walked to school today.  This was the first time they’ve gone unchaperoned.  I had little butterflies in my tummy, but they arrived safe and sound.  Holly was looking forward to asserting her independence and taking the responsibility.  They would have chatted and giggled the entire way, 2kms, and arrived in no time at all.  Justin and I both gave them the talk about behaving, being safe and not going with strangers.  I am trying to take heed of the “free range parenting” ideals whereby you teach your children the skills to be independant and then let them do it without hovering or ‘Helicoptering’ over them all the time.  They are intelligent and responsible children and I have faith that they will be OK.

The house seems to be in chaos with the bathroom renovations.  I have things all over the place and I can’t find stuff.  The tiny bathroom has no shower screen so everything gets wet.  Sharing one toilet with 6 people is also touch and go sometimes!  We are learning about respecting others and taking note of each others needs.  Well I am saying that a lot, but i don’t know how much of it is actually sinking in!

Coffee has gone cold while getting all this down.  Sorry no new pics but I can’t find the camera or the cords to get photos onto laptop!

Have a great week 🙂