5 thoughts on “press release – re: Amy.

  1. Stop it…she is growing too fast.

    Please dont let her walk until I am home in 2 weeks!!

    Kate xxx

  2. Goodness gracious me, that was quick!!!
    But then I realised – she’s six months! That has sped by unbelievably quickly!

  3. Its all so quick!
    I am sure she is trying to catch up with the girls.
    Thanks for coming last night, I wish I could go again tonight!

  4. Wow – a tooth already! The tooth fairy had best start saving now I guess!

    We have had enough rain now…the garden has gone crazy. All our bulbs are coming up…they are a few seasons early! Now we have a flea plague, as the weather is apparently perfect for flea breeding…yuk!

    I meant to ask you if you had the bad hail I saw in the ACT a few weeks ago?

    Have a good one, Caz

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