Harmony Day U+ME=US

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Today at Holly’s school it is Harmony Day, which is a special day to celebrate Australia’s multiculural and diverse society. Parents/Carers were asked if they would contribute to a special taste-testing lunch, by making a dish from their country of origin to share.

Hmm….what to do? Mini meat pies, Anzac biscuits, damper, beer shots? No – PAVLOVA (and don’t dare anyone start with me by arguing that Pav’s are from NZ!!). So yesterday I whipped up over 100 mini meringues to take today and top with whipped cream, a blueberry and shaved chocolate. If I were a kid, I’d eat that!

In the spirit of Harmony Day and keeping the Harmony at home, I have to acknowledge my wonderful husband (he gets miffed that I don’t blog about him!!). On the weekend, when I was at the Charny Carnival all day (which BTW was hugely successful) he looked after the 4 girls all on his own, bought them down twice so Amy could have a feed, and then made them dinner while I went out to dinner and Cirque de Solei with Rach and her family. He didn’t complain or demand time of his own the next day in payback. I was so impressed and proud of him, as I am each day but never say. He told me last night that he can remember the first time he fell in love with me – we were in yr 11 English and I did a talk on my contact lenses (do you remember that Rach?). He then said that one day I passed him in the corridor and said “Hi Justin” and he nearly died because I knew his name. I remember that day I said hello – but if someone had have stopped me and said “one day you’ll marry him, have your own business and 4 daughters” I would have laughed them out of town! Who Knew? So thanks Justin for everything you do, and for loving me and the girls so much. We adore you.

Have a great Harmony Day everyone!