Lost – one mind and one sanity

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Did you hear the screaming last night??? That was me – sorry for interrupting your dinner 😉 It is all catching up with me – buying a house, selling a house, keeping up appearances for the open house sessions, and being 5 months pregnant. At least I can look back today and laugh, but last night I could have picked up the lounge suite and thrown it through a window – easy!!

On a brighter note, we have 2 lots of people coming through today, and another lot tomorrow and then the offical open house session on Saturday. Wouldn’t it be great if someone saw it, loved it and wanted it straight off. I’d be over the moon!

My sister is leaving tomorrow for a months holiday on the Trans Mongolian Railway. How awesome is that. I would love to go to Russia to see the cities that were in the books about Alexander and Tatiana (The Bronze Horseman, Summer Garden etc) – I always get inspired to go to places when I have read a good book! Can’t wait to see The DaVinci Code either – I hope it is a great as the novel.

Oki-dokey, that’s it for today. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hey Fran! I’ve been thinking of you (esp. since your comment) – I will call – we’ve just had a bit of a ‘recovery’ day yesterday. Looking forward to catching up. x

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