Saw it, loved it, wants it

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Well, my dream came true and those people who looked thru the house today want it!! They have offered me the price I kept saying I wanted (even when the agents said I was dreaming!).

So 6 days on the market, people coming tomorrow and open house on Saturday. What to do what to do…
a) take the offer and don’t be greedy
b) have the open house and see if anyone can improve on that price, but risk losing this buyer.

I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight somehow!!!!

3 thoughts on “Saw it, loved it, wants it

  1. Wow that is exciting…its like being on a game show…Congratulations I know you will make the right choice.
    We will be purchasing my folks place next week…bloody hell I hate stamp duty..what a rip off! ho hum the woes of property buying and selling!

    Your Mother’s Day tale was so sweet!

    Love Caz

  2. Great news! I always think though – if you’ve got what you wanted – then go for it – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, IYKWIM. x

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