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Nearly June! That means out with the old and in with the new. I am longing for the space of the new house – the kitchen with one way in and one way out, as opposed to the galley kitchen we have now which is a constant thoroughfare of running kids; the space of the bath/spa – I’ll be able to lie down and totally submerge; the space of the huge laundry area where I can move around without hitting a wall; the space of the rumpus room where the kids can have their own area to play and muck around without disturbing the rest of the house, and space of my own ensuite so I can actually be in there without 4 faces beaming at me!! The closer the time gets, the more I crave to be there. Bring it on!

Had a super weekend – kids started at the new swim school. Meg a total beginner and Holly with 6 months under her belt. They did well and after a bit of reshuffling I am happy with the groups they ended up in – in terms of their ability and confidence. Now that we have the pool, they need to be more waterwise and I’m sure by the end of the winter, they’ll be little fish.

Had 2 kiddy birthday parties to go do, got my haircut and had a super-yum feast at Mum and Dad’s last night with all the family. I’m planning on taking a walk up to the park today to wear off some of the sticky-date pudding and trifle. Got to have a big cuddle with nephew Jacob – I just kept smelling his delish baby scent which made my tummy jump. Mum gave me a box of gorgeous new clothes, pink and tiny and fresh, and I got all excited about her arrival. So much happening and so much to be looking forward to. Ain’t life grand!!

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  1. Hate to ruin your party – but don’t think that having an ensuite will stop a number of faces peering at you!!! ROFL Great to see you today. x

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