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We are busy over here. Christmas parties and school functions and 4 very tired children. A quick summary of what has been happening….

* Amy is walking full time. She can even run – but can’t control her pace so ends up ploughing into the end object. She is so proud of herself.
* Amy says “ta-ta’ and does a crunched up hand wave. So cute.
* School disco was a hit for 15 minutes and then the above mentioned 4 very tired children had to be taken home, or one very over-it-all mother would have run away and never come back.
* 2 Christmas parties with old work colleagues were great fun and I had quite a few laughs remembering old times.
* Justin still has Movember.
* Christmas shopping getting done bit by bit and important items posted interstate.
* Christmas carols tonight at the War Memorial.
* I am in training for a 10 km run on March 10th. Lost 1 kg this week but slept in 2 days and didn’t run (whoops!).
* been working a few days and got my ID pass and security swiper to be able to get into all those off limits places like NICU. Met the big boss who really wants to get me on a permanent basis and give me a great job in a new Audiology outpatient department (Oh yes please!!).
* thought my purse was stolen last week – cancelled all cards, got new drivers license, screamed and cursed all people who steal purses, then found it 3 days later in the tray under the pram!

That is about it in a nutshell. Probably more but can’t think straight – need coffee. Have a great weekend – we have our street party with over 30 neighbours attending. Should be a hoot.


2 thoughts on “bits of this and that

  1. Hi Fran

    Sorry I’ve not been visiting your blog lately. Unfortunately have been way too busy the last few weeks with 101 things us mothers get up to.

    Lovely to read all your news. These recent photos are great and your daughters are all very pretty and cute.

    Glad you found your purse and that work is going well for you.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and safe and fun New Year. I hope 2008 brings you lots of good things.

    Thanks for your friendship during 2007. Your wonderful and I love keeping up to date with your news via your blog.

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