super weekend

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Friday morning, bright and early, Rach and I hopped on the Sydney express and three hours later were at the hotel signing in for our 3 day scrapping extravaganza. The hotel was great – bar, restaurant and comfy beds, what more could we want? The actual scrapping started on Saturday, and we did a great class with a US teacher Stacey Julian and it was fast paced and absolutely fantastic. We made a 6inchx 6inch album and it was all about getting it done fast and not worrying about perfection or loads of embellishments. I loved it and plan to make a few more mini albums of events from years ago that I would never otherwise scrap – a great way to get them into albums with minimum effort – love it! My next class was with Nic Howard, a NZ teacher, and we made a chipboard album about ourselves and our confessions – you know those kind of weird quirky things that make you you. Eg one of mine was that I hate watching people brush their teeth. Makes me gag!

Next up we did a class that was about simple scrapbooking, and we did 2 layouts that were very classic and streamlined and not bogged down with heaps of content and extras. I really got a lot out of the whole day. On Sunday we caught the bus home and are now back into the routine, but I had the most relaxing and enjoyable weekend and it was just what I needed before I start work on Friday. OMG – Friday!!!!

Friday is an in-service at the hospital where I’ll meet the staff and sign the papers to get this all rolling. I’ll be on a 6 month contract to begin with and Leslie, my boss, is hoping to make me permanent after that. She is going on higher duties for 3 months and asked me to do her job which is just the screening bit at the Private hospital John James. I’m also filling in for staff who are on leave over Christmas, so that means weekends and boxing day even, but because the hours are 9-1pm and Justin will be home to mind the kids, it is ideal for me. No traffic either! I couldn’t be more excited.

So while I was away the girls grew. Talking to Holly on the phone was a big wake-up to me, cause she didn’t sound like a little kid anymore, she sounded like a growing up girl. It made my head spin. Amy is trying to walk. She took a few steps on her own to get from me to Jus, but she toppled over like she’s had a dozen schooners. She is certainly trying to stand up on her own, but not quite stable enough yet. Meg and Jess missed me a lot and were all over me which was nice. Nice to get cuddles instead of backchat!

My Dad’s Uncle John passed away on Friday. He was such a nice man and I have very fond memories of him. The funeral is tomorrow which Jus and I will both be going to.

Well, a million little things need my attention so better get that underway. I am so inspired by the weekend so want to get a few projects started too. Hope you have a good week.