I got a job!

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Last week when I thought that I should get in contact with the Hospital to put my name on a list for a job or what ever the process may be, I never imagined that this week I would have a job!

Two things came out of the interview yesterday. Firstly, they do have a casual position for me on the team for the Newborn Hearing Screening, with training hopefully before Christmas, and working up to 3 mornings a week. Perfect!

Secondly, they were ecstatic that I was an Audiologist (we are as rare as hens teeth) and are in the process of applying for funding for a new position that they want me to take on. This position would be like a liasion/support person, who diagnoses the hearing impaired child, then assists the family with the ongoing appointments like a medium who knows the lingo and the system and can help them through the processes and emotional rollercoaster that comes with having a deaf child. This is so up my alley I cannot believe it! They are also applying to get an Audiology Department set up in the hospital and will use my status as leverage to get that up and running “See we have an Audiologist, give us a department”. I would love that too. So all in all very good news, and from a cold call too. See, let nothing stand in your way.

As I left the interview, I walked down the stairs and could here the two of them whooppeeeing in the office. They are just as thrilled by all of this as me. Who would have thunk it!

Rach and I are off to a scrapbooking (Kiwiscraps) event this weekend in Sydney. Three whole days of paper, ribbons, photos, embellishments, classes and fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

Melbourne Cup proved a winner for us again this year. We went over the Matt and Penny’s with our fancy hats for afternoon tea and to watch the race. In the $1 sweep Meg came first and third and Jess came second and last. A clean sweep there! In the $2 draw, Amy came first winning $25. I don’t think we’ll be invited back there again next year!!

Enjoy the est of the week.