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Lots has been happening here over the past week.

Firstly we had unexpected visitors staying for 2 nights, Justin’s cousin Emma and her baby boy Neo (7 months). Renovations at MIL’s meant that they couldn’t stay there, so our guest room was hastily dusted and refreshed. It was nice to have them here but it coincided with my first 2 days of real work, and a 7 month old in the house was like stepping back in time to memories of interrupted sleep. They left today at 4am to drive home to Vic, and I don’t think I got back to sleep after that. I’m kinda pooped today.

So anyway – work was great. I was at the hospital where I had all the girls, so it was very familiar and I felt verysettled in there. I just love walking around the ward, finding my babies and filling in their blue books and files. I was SO meant to be a nurse! Maybe in my next life. A friend of mine had her baby girl on Tuesday so I was able to see them and test her hearing as well. Fortunately she passed.

Amy has been walking a lot more but not all the time. She likes to walk when no-one can see her because if you ask her to do it, she drops straight away. She is not an ‘on-demand’ performer yet! I have enrolled Jess in a 3 yr old preschool program, which is designed to make the transition to real preschool very seamless. At the meeting last night Lisa and I got roped into committee positions – she as Secretary and I as the Enrollment Coordinator. Looks like another busy year ahead.

Meg had an excursion to the National Gallery today, she broke her glasses yesterday and has a multitude of scrapes and scratches on her legs from falling over and being knocked around by boofy sisters. Holly is all legs – getting so long and also nearing the end of her fuse for being at school. Holidays in about 3 weeks I think. Yay!

Our beloved tarago, Bluey, has been giving us a rough time of late. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. This week has been a shocker and I’ve been stranded a few times. A few other times it has come to life after being roll started down the street! I’m begging Jus every night for a newer version Tarago, but he is the anti-new-car bossy boots of the world. Maybe if I cry hard enough he’ll come around 🙂

Here are a few photos of the girls that I took just this week….
877 My beautiful Jess
880 My Baby Amy
883 My red Meg
886 Amy loving the Christmas tree (and loving standing up pulling the decorations off)

That is about it for this week. Christmas parties start soon, end of year concerts and gatherings. I love it all!

Have a great weekend.