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It was fun! I tested a few teeny newborn babies, that part was easy. The hard part was learning the procedure for paperwork, learning where to find the patients (over 3 floors and in different wards) and the names of the thousands of people dashing about. But, that will come with time. I loved having to go and get the bubs, seeing them all new and fresh and bundled up so tight. I really felt like this is where I am supposed to be.

A few things that I’ll have to get used to are – restricted times for eating (no grazing all day like at home!); parking was a madhouse. After 2 hours you have to go and move your car. How bloody unproductive is that?
People dress up in Non-Mum-Housebound kind of clothes – must go shopping. Shoes too are strappy sandals and not mum-heavyduty-longwearing kind of shoes.

I’m gonna love it!!

On Wednesday night Rach and I are going to the Hyatt for a dinner with author Paulina Simons. She has written several books, like Tully, The Girl in Times Square and my favourite series about wartime Russia The Bronze Horseman, Bridge to Holly Cross and the Summer Garden.. Can’t wait to see her IRL. Hopefully she will sign some of my books – I have them all!

It is going to be another hot day here. We swam a lot of the weekend and Justin made pesto which always reminds me of our old house. It is funny how certain smells can take you to another place.

Have a great week and keep cool!