Little fingers, little hands and lots of missing objects. I’m wondering how to make it clear that if it isn’t yours don’t take it.

Today Jus couldn’t find his shaving brush. The brush that is always in the bathroom and has been for his whole shaving life. We do the rounds of “Did you take it?” and Holly turns up with it.. She had taken it to school because at lunch time they play “Paleontologists” and she needed it to brush the dirt off the ‘fossils’. Obviously the spoons that she had pilfered from the kitchen drawer for digging were not sufficient anymore – the game had evolved!

2 thoughts on “missing

  1. As annoying as it is Fran, that is just so cute – and how wonderful that kids are playing something like that at lunch times – that’s so cool! Better get him another shaving brush huh rofl.

  2. I shouldn’t laugh because I’ll probably have this problem in a year or two. What am I talking about, Sophia tried to take Juliet’s special bedtime teddy to school today! Pretty impressive that Holly knows what a paleontologist is though.

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