Just a quickie

I’m just trying to get in a quick update while I have a window of opportunity.

The back to school week has been a blessing and everything is running fairly smoothly once again. Amy slept all night last night. Not one peep. I bounced out of bed at 6.30am, went for a run and feel on top of the world. No wonder all you people look so fresh and feel so great – you are getting a good night’s sleep!

We’ve just all been to Grandparents Day at Holly’s school. It began with Mass and then a concert and morning tea in the hall. There was a bit of a lull in between acts, so Jess went up to the Principal and told him that she would sing a song into the mircophone. I was a little skeptical that she would do it when it came to the crunch but, she overwhelmed me by giving a beautiful rendition of The Itsy Bitsy Spider and then You Are My Sunshine. Such confidence! You can tell she had 2 older sisters. Then Amy crawled over to a little boy and took his chocolate biscuit. Sheesh!!

I have to admit, too, that the Playstation is a huge hit and lots of fun. The best things we have is a game called Eye Sports and there is a camera which puts your photo on the body of a player and you do all these crazy actions to win the game. It is so funny and the kids get exhausted by it. The singstar, or songstar whatever it is, is OK. But it kept telling me I was “Awful” , so I’m not going to do that again until after a few drinks 🙂

I was back at the dentist on Tuesday and go the other silver filling replaced. I didn’t have the anesthetic again – stupid or brave, not really sure. After that I had my teeth cleaned by the hygienist and that hurt more than the filling. My gums were so inflamed that night that I could hardly chew. And she said that they were in great condition, so I don’t know why she had to scrub so damn hard. Thankfully back to normal now, shiny and white.

Justin has done a great job putting together a CD full of video recordings of my Dad’s family to be sent to Holland for my Grandfather’s cousins 100th Birthday. Father Henry Scholtens has visited us in Australia lots of time and his monastery had been the refuge for so many of us weary travellers over the years. He is still fighting fit and I’m sure will be delighted to see the video of his Aussie Relatives.

Well that is about it for the wrap up of the past few days. Hope that will keep you going Lin! Gotta get a bit of MYOB done before the preschool pick up.

Lots of love xxx

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  1. Jess singing today was really BEAUTIFUL. I was really impressed at her confidence and so proud. She really is such a great kid…they all are. And tell Amy to slow down with the growing. It’s happening tooooo fast! xoxo

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