I just wanted to jot down a few of the milestones that she has reached so that I don’t forget them.

* She is 10 months old.

* She now has 6 teeth. 4 along the top and 2 pegs on the bottom.

* She is waving like crazy. All the time – even when I’m feeding her she waves at me!

* As well as going up the stairs, she now goes down them. One step at a time, backwards and very carefully.

* She climbs into and over everything. If there is a basket, bucket, clothes airer, persons legs, sister lying in the way, she goes right over the top.

* She can say other things now, so as well as Dad and Mum it is Lalala and imitations of singing and humming.

* She has slept through the past 2 nights. Bliss.

* She is wearing size 0 clothes. I’ve packed away all the 000’s and 00’s forever. (But I’m saving them for Penny!!)

* She can walk while we hold her hands. Getting more firm on her feet, but not ready to do it solo.

I think that is about it. A quick wrap up of her development 🙂

One thought on “AMY

  1. Lovely to read this update on Amy. She sounds like she is developing perfectly. I am thrilled for you that she is sleeping better this week. I hope it is a changed pattern forever 🙂

    Have a great week and keep smiling Fran xxoo

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