It seems that the past 2 weeks of school holidays have been a whirlwind and I am pleasantly relieved that today we have returned to the normal routine.

This past weekend was a buzz. Saturday was spent preparing for Mum’s 60th Birthday party, being held here. We had about 45 people attend and it was so great. A really wonderful chance to get together with extended family and very close friends to honour my Beautiful Mother. As far as Mums go she is right up there with the Best. It was a shame that my little bro James and Sascha couldn’t come, but Mum’s sister and her partner, and all of Dad’s sisters and their partners came which was a huge effort. It just shows how much we all adore you Mum.
^ Irene Birthday Girl. She doesn’t look 60 hey?
^ My Grandparents (front centre) and their 6 children and partners.
^ My siblings plus partners, of course desperately missing James and Sascha.

Sunday was a bit hard going. I must have eaten a bad prawn (!) because I was a little worse for wear and even at bedtime I was still feeling very queasy. Today I’m feeling back to normal but running this morning was a bit tough. Meg, Jess, Amy and I are just going to hang out today, lay low and tidy up the party remains.
^ Meg and Jess with the party balloons.

Over the last week I must have eaten 6 birthday cakes. Well, not all of them, but pieces of them. I’m sweet-toothed out. I really don’t want to eat another piece of cake until September. 🙂

Thanks Kate and Rohan for coming up for he weekend; Thanks Penny for all your delicious finger food platters; Thanks Lisa for the dips and hope you are feeling better today.

So with half the year over, and term 3 underway today, I hope everyone has a great week!

One thought on “Phew

  1. A great party, well done to you for all the organisation. You did a fantastic job…the BRAVO song is being sung by me now!!!

    It was great to be home and see everyone, the kiddies are all growing up way to fast.

    looking forward to seeing you and Meg in MEL soon.

    Kate xxx

    PS…a change of name for the blog??? why???

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