Wrap up

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The weekend was SO busy – here is a wrap up…

Garage Sale: The ad in the paper said “From 7am” but at 5.45am the cars started to line up. I was still in bed, heard some cars coe up the street and jokingly said to Justin “Is that someone for our garage sale (ha ha so crazy it is only 5.45!). When he peeked out and saw the cars parked outside our place, we both hastily got dressed and ran down to open the garage and set everything out. it was 7am before the rush calmed down and we got a chance to put the signs up at the end of the street. After that initial peak, the people came in dribs and drabs and we sold a lot of stuff and met some crazy, wacky people. By midday we’d made over $260 so we closed up shop and went back to bed!! It was so exhausting.

We continued to clean up after a rest, with Justin taking a load to the tip, me putting the rest of the stuff back into storage and both of us sweeping up leaves and dirt and generally tiding up the place. it is wonderful to feel de-cluttered.

Fun Run: Sunday morning I was so nervous with the impending run. I was hydrating myself with lots of water, but the nerves were kicking in. Justin and the girls dropped me off at the start (for 9.45am) but it was delayed till well after 10am, so there was a lot of standing around, getting hot and tired even before it all began. Finally we were off and straight away I felt thirsty. I couldn’t even swallow properly my throat was that dry. No drinks till after the 4km mark and I was feeling really tired at that point. Kicked on and got to the hill at State circle and had to walk to regain some energy for the final 2.5km run home. The wind was coming straight at us as we got onto the Kings Ave Bridge and headed down past the Carillion. It was at the this point that I could see the finish line, but my legs were like lead. Nemesis girls from my morning run went past me (Shit!) so I tried to keep up with her, but legs were so tired and I wanted to stop and cry. I reminded myself that I have giving birth and that was harder than this, so put head down, and ran for it. Sprinted for finish line and there were Justin and the girls cheering me on. Official time still to come, but according to my watch I did it in 57.56 mins. Under the hour, not quite 56mins but pretty close.

Today I am pretty sore in the thighs, but on the whole am not doing too badly. Will be having a sleep at lunch time though!

Justin has started to paint the man cave and he met an electrician at the garage sale who came and put in some new lights.

Been to the mall this morning where I bought some new sunglasses with the garage sale takings. Now it is bedtime!