Spring cleaning

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In the process of cleaning out under the house so that Justin can move in down there and have an office, we’ve cleaned out all the junk and are putting it up for sale. Tomorrow from 7am there will be bargains galore at my GARAGE SALE and I’m hoping to make my fortune (or at least enough to buy a new pair of sunglasses!).

I also cleaned out the filing cabinet and was shredding the secret documents when in a slow motion moment watched Jessica put through my chit from the post office telling me I can collect my Passport. I could have cried, but kept it together and simply went in there today, told them what happened and they gave it to me! So now I am in receipt of my official passport (photo pretty good!) and am ready to holiday.

Off to swimming lessons tonight. This is the beginning of a new ear, and Amy has her first lesson and that means all 4 will be in the pool at the one time. Quite a milestone for us, there really is light at the end of the tunnel 😉

Fun Run on Sunday – only ran once this week in my preparations for the race. Took it fairly easy but in the middle ran 2 KM in under 10 mins so I was thrilled with that. My nemesis was also running this week (while I was walking so I felt like a weakling even thought it was my strategy!) and while she was stretching and cooling down I asked her if she was training for anything in particular. She said that she was going in the CT Fun Run. Cooly I replied that so was I and what was her goal time. 56mins she says. Yeah Me too I say, then walk away thinking, holy moley 56mins – that is not beatable! I cannot let her beat me, she has a weird run technique where one leg flops out. So suddenly 56 mins in the time I have in my head. Before it was a vague “Under an hour” response when I was asked about a time. Oh man, I dunno if I can do it, but I’m give it my best shot. At least the weather will be fine.

Full report on the flip side of this weekend. Think of me!!!