Drill me Baby

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I went to the dentist this morning to have an old silver filling replaced with a white tooth coloured one. The dentist asked if I wanted anesthetic.

“Hmmm, is that a needle?” I ask.
“Yes” She replied.
“Then NO WAY” I’ll bear it, I thought. I’ve been through labour four times. I’ll cope.

She began the drilling and my hands began to clench and then the drill hit something that really hurt. And then again, and again. Ouchy. But it was soon over and no numb face, and no awful silver filling anymore. Next week I’m going back for the other one. I’m already clenching my teeth in anticipation of that pain sensation.

School holidays have been OK so far, until this afternoon when we got a phone call from a debt collection agency saying that we had an overdue bill from Telstra and if we didn’t pay today they were going to start legal action. After Jus spoke to 9 people about this we still don’t know what the bill is for, why they were sending the bill to an obsolete PO Box (we had it about 3 years ago for work) and why a telephone agency don’t even friggin call you when you have an overdue bill that they are taking you to court over. My mind is still boggling at the stupidity of it all.

Amy is being an absolute terror again in the night. This is exhausting. She is having an ultrsound on Thursday to rule out a hernia. Something is wrong – no-one cries like that. I hope the problem is resolved soon, and we get into the sleep centre fast.

Dinner time now. Have a good week all.