Hernia – Negative

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Ultrasound came back clear. Amy does not have a hernia, but the technician did want to take her home and adopt her.

We had a huge day yesterday. After the 15th fight that morning, we decided to get the girls packed up and out of the city for awhile. We drove to Yass and then onto Wee Jasper where we went to a Cave, chased goats, had a nice lunch in the country and some lovely fresh air. It was a very relaxing and utterly delightful day. The cave man was a bit of a whacko (clearly too much time spent in caves) and he took a bit of a shine to Jess and I. We were both glad to get to the end and be rid of his affections.

I’m madly trying to organise Taronga zoo tickets, e passes for the damned tollways in Sydney and times to meet up with friends and family. I had a call from the sleep centre asking if I could come in for my 4 night stint this afternoon. How typical is that? Of course I had to decline since we are committed to going to Sydney tomorrow, but I hope they’ll call me again. Having said that, Amy was great last night, only waking once.

Got loads to do so best be off. Have a super weekend – I know we will!!