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Well I heard from the QEII sleep Centre and the date they gave me for my admission was 24 August. Yep AUGUST!! I guess that must mean that there are a lot of woman in Canberra in the same situation as me.

Someone suggested to me that I should put a radio on in her room for some ambiance. I’ve always poo-pooed that idea, but at this point I am ready to try anything. So Friday night I put on the Classical FM station and what do you know – she slept through. I could not believe it. Next night I was praying for the same response and she only woke twice, rather than 6 times, so maybe there is something in this. Last night was twice again, but a few times I heard her cry out and braced myself for the howl, but she is getting herself back to sleep. So we’ll stick with this for the rest of the week and see what happens.

Weekend was lovely and slow, cold and windy – loving it! We went out to the War Memorial on Sunday for a look at the new kids section only to discover that it opens next weekend – bummer. So we had a look around and then dropped into mums where everyone was there having lunch! WE didn’t get invited!! Only joking Mum. We have this bad habbit of turning up at places at lunchtime, but it is usually because Amy wakes up about 10.30/11am and we have this window of opportunity to get out and about, which usually last a couple of hours and then on the way home we visit. Last weekend it was Matt and Penny and this weekend Mum and Dad. We’ll have to work on our timing a bit better. Apologies!

Meg and Jess want their room rearranged. I did it last week, putting them at opposite ends of the room for some individual space, yet when I showed them they both sobbed saying that they couldn’t see the other anymore and how were they to talk at night. So back to the drawing board and back up there now to see what will please them.

Caio for now.