Christmas Antics

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Phew – this has been the busiest week of my life, but I have had an absolute ball. I’ve enjoyed this christmas so much and loved having the family here. The non-stop activity of the past few days has been the best fun, and now that I have time to rest and relax (and clean up) it is even better!

Christmas Eve Kate and Rohan arrived with bags and loads of presents. We went to Mass where we met up with Moi and her family. The children were asked to sit down the front to see a Nativity play of the Gospel. All was going well until I saw a lady grab Jess by the scruff of the neck and give her a talking to. I raced down to see what was going on and Jess had been tackling other kids to the ground in all the excitement, mainly poor old Roisin. No harm done and peace restored I returned to my seat. Then heard squeals of delight as Meg saw a friend from daycare sitting right behind us. It was non-stop action I can tell you.

AMy was quite restless that night and I was up to her every few minutes and then half hour. I was exhausted and in sheer frustration sat on the floor in her room and cried till 4.30am when I finally felt she was asleep and got into bed myself. Justin woke me at 6.30am ad the kids were up to see what Santa had bought at 7am. Justin’s Mum came over at 7.30am to see the kids open their presents and give them a few herself. Kate and Rohan emerged at 9am at which point I put myself back to bed for an hour or so. The family started to arrive here at 11am for an absolute marathon present exchange. There were kids and paper and ribbons and babies everywhere. It was magical.

For lunch we had 3 trestle tables set out in the playroom and a kids table, and 24 of us sat around and had a most delicious lunch. It was so thoroughly enjoyable.


On Boxing Day we went to Mum’s where James and Sascha had arrived with Zoe and had another delicious meal and more presents. The next day we hit the shops for some sales bargains (got towels, shoes, some clothes and presents for Holly’s upcoming birthday!). That night everyone came back here for dinner where Justin excelled in delivering Nigella’s Coca-cola Ham.

On the way home from the shops Amy was heard doing some explosive poo’s in her capsule. When we got home I was dismayed to see that they had escaped the nappy and were all over the capsule furry lining and her harness. Oh well, it had to come off and have a wash, and while we were at it, she had to have a bath! SHe loved it and was kicking her legs all over the place and laughing. The harness took ages to dry so she had a sleep without it. 540It was hard going get it back on her after that, and I have to admit that I really didn’t want to put it back on either. Kate got a cuddle before she was all tied up again and I made sure I got about 39! The next day she was due to see the physio and have another adjustment. When we got there the Physio announced that it was Bath day so I had to act all surprised and delighted that we were going to take it off and have a wash. Only 6 more weeks – I can do it.530

Today has been a day of cleaning up and putting things back in their places and finding homes for all the things that the kids got. I have to say that I was delighted with the kids presents becasue they got mainly activites and games and books, rather than clothes and toys with which they have enough already. They have been captivated with dressing paper dolls, colouring books, reading new stories and wearing their new sunglasses. Thanks everyone – these kids are totally spolit, but we love you for it!

And finally, this morning we got a delivery of a new dining table and chairs. The old ones were falling apart and the table was my nanna’s. This new one is so delicious – seats 8, and looks like a real family table. I can see us all around it for the next 30 years.

So that it it for now. My shoulders are sore from typing. I’m sure to have forgotton lots of things I should have said, but I’ll catch up on that in the next post.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2007 make all your dreams come true.