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I’m going to the mall this morning, with the kids, wiith a thousand giggling last-minute-formal-stuff-gathering-girls, with another thousand frantic mums just like me, to try finding some presents for the final people on my list. Then I’m done and it is just the Christmas lunch things that I have to get organised. Easy!!

I’m pretty much fed up with Amy and the harness. I look at it and just wish this were all over. I actually took it off her legs yesterday, gave them a massage (they look all mangled with the indents of the straps pushing into her skin) and then picked her up to give her a cuddle. She felt so slight in my arms without the contraption and I wistfully thought that this is what it must be like for other mums to hold their 11 week old tight against them. Then I cursed under my breath as I put it back on her (don’t tell the physio I was fiddling with it!). I am thinking that it will be on for another month at least, and she’s had it on nearly a month already. Grin and bear it girl.

Ok off to the mall – where is my armour……………..