9 to 5

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No, not a way to make a living, but the time that Amy slept the other night. Fed at 8.15pm, in bed and asleep by 9, then woke at 5.40am. WHat a star. Having said that, the performance has not been repeated since! She is going to bed earlier now, and that makes the first wake up earlier, so hopefully in the next week or so we can work on early bed and late wake up!

I’m so jealous today because Rach is in Brisbane seeing Robbie Williams in concert and Penny is in Melbourne seeing Kylie Minogue in concert. The only concerts I am going to are Holly’s end of year play on Friday afternoon and then Christmas Carols on Friday night at the War Memorial. Both should be fun though.

Amy had her harness adjusted again yesterday. She is growing so much it is hard to believe. She is 12 weeks old this weekend – were did the time go? Things are really settling down well. Today we did a marathon shopping trip to the mall, but we had Katie Nanna in tow to push the pram and hold the bags! She really had her work cut out for her this week with all that is going on so she totally deserved her wages. I think she was quite exhausted by the end of today.

Our Christmas tree is up and loaded with presents already. I put one under there for me today. The card says “To Fran, you have been a legend this year, love Fran” and I must agree with myself!!! My brother James used to put presents to himself under the tree with beaming accolades about how fantastic he was, so it has become a funny tradition kind of thing. A huge box from WA arrived yesterday much to Meg and Jess’s delight. Thanks to the Woly’s – we can’t wait to see what they are. Did you get our parcel?

Oops, time for the Bold and the Beautiful – Bridget is about to tell her mother about her one night stand with her step-father Nic, who used to be her husband until their baby died and she let him go to his ture love, her mother. Confused? yep, me too!!

Ciao for now 🙂