before the weekend

Friday afternoon – yippee! I’ve just made choc-chip mini muffins and the most delicious orange, almond and carrot cake. Mum and Dad are coming to mind the girls tonight so I needed to have some supplies in the pantry!

Yes indeed, Justin and I are going out! I booked tickets a few weeks ago to see the Umbilical Brothers. They are one of Justin’s favourites (and mine too I have to say, oh and Holly’s too, but she’s not coming!).

On Saturday night we are going to a Casino and Auction Night at the school. Besides that I am hoping for a rather quiet weekend. Jus ordered a new computer for Mum and Dad so we’ll be putting that together for them. They have been using a 14″ screen for years and I can say in all honesty that after seeing their new 22″ flat screen they’re going to be kicking themselves! And I am going to dispose of that teeny tiny 14″ on the spot.

It is a week until we are due to go to QE2 sleep centre, and Amy has been sleeping like a baby! I’m going to see how she goes over the weekend and cancel the booking on Monday. It only took nearly 11 months to get a good nights sleep! Anyway, I’m feeling fantastic and she is too so that is all that matters. She has 6 teeth now and grinds them together. Makes your spine tingle to hear it. She is all over the place, into everything and over the top of anything lying still. She empties the plastic container cupboard by throwing the stuff over her shoulder and then climbs in. She unrolls the toilet paper and tips over the bins. Ahh – it is such a joy to have a little baby! The two girls having babies last week both had boys. I guess that even things up somewhat 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend and that the rain we had here last night continues.


One thought on “before the weekend

  1. Lovely to read your news Fran, thanks for sharing 🙂

    I am so pleased you and Justine are having a night out, have a wonderful time. Great that Amy is sleeping much better now. What a break through. I hope she keeps it up.

    I am going to get stuck into some home made baking this week end. Thanks for the inspiration:)

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