Another week is upon us and hopefully the kids will be in better health. Amy is still a little chesty and Jess had conjunctivitis on the weekend which we have nipped in the bud and cleared up.

Had a super weekend. The Umbilical Brothers were very funny. Justin loved it. The facial expressions of those two are just hilarious. It was very loud though. The ambient music before the show made it difficult to talk and some of the sound effects from the UB were ear piercing. Nonetheless, had a great time and even if I am an old fogey about the noise it was a fab night out.

Saturday night at the Casino and Auction night we had a ball. We started out with $500 funny money (equal to $5) and ended up with over $15 000. Justin had a string of luck whereby he placed a bet of $1000 with odds of 10:1 and walked away richer than ever. He now wants to go the real casino to see if it is the same there. So we had loads of cash to blow in the Auction and won an iron, wine, chocolates, Whiskey, a mystery box full of body wash, creams etc, and the kids won money boxes full of lollies. Jess bid $200 for hers and won! Justin’s computer went for $5000 (ie $50) so someone got a real bargain there.

Lisa had just informed me that we have tickets to Melbourne in January. Yippee. A weekend full of shopping, shows and dinner at Fifteen. I’m not sure if Sascha is coming, but Mum, Penny Lisa and I will be descending on Kate’s place for much fun with NO KIDS.

Well that is all for now. Have a great day.

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  1. Sascha confirmed on the weekend that she is coming!!

    oH MY GOODNESS..what a weekend you are all going to be having!! I cant wait. Bring on January!!!

    Good to hear all your goings on…when is the trip to hospital?

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