#100daysofhappy 13


After a few months of putting up with a very painful Achilles I went to the physio. 2 weeks ago my calf muscles were so tight I could barely get an 8cm stretch. After massage, daily stretching, exercises, rest and dry needling I got to 12.5cms.  Virtually pain free running has ensued. I’m deliriously happy!

2 thoughts on “#100daysofhappy 13

  1. hooray!! glad to hear that – better keep watch out for speedy Gonzales frannie!!! oh – and forgot to mention in my comment for yesterday’s post – sorry to hear about poor megs!!! Hope she heals quickly!!! XOXO

  2. Another reader! Whoa watch out – Google may want to start paying me to put ads on here soon with all this traffic!

    Meg is OK. Back to school today, still a little sore, but after a day of rest (an an introduction to the Jane Austen movie ‘Sense and Sensibility’, she is good!

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