#100daysofhappy 12


Highlight of my day was working with this girl. And it made me delighted to see her looking so well.  This pic was taken ages ago but is representative of our friendship.

On a low note the heavy rain caused our house to flood and we are cleaning up a lot of mess. Meg slipped on the wet tiles and landed on her coccyx. .she is sore and sad.

One thought on “#100daysofhappy 12

  1. awwww — thanks frannie! *wipestearsofjoy* Everytime I’m with you, I’m inspired to be the best I can be! Your words of encouragement and constant support means a whole lot to me – thank you so very very much! And I’m so chuffed & honoured to have made it to your awesome blog (though not my best profile shot ;p haha!) I look forward to our next ABR/gossip sesh!! XOXOXO

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