Saw the knee surgeon yesterday. He was of the opinion that the base of the screw, not the tip, is what’s causing the problem. It is poking out and sticking into the muscle that covers the front of the bone. Hence the pain when I kneel. So, yep it has to come out, and that is happening on Monday. Just Day Surgery, in and out, but likely to have some pain for about a week.

Mum and Dad are flying off to China this morning. 33 days until they come home!! Holly has it all written up on the calendar so we’ll have a daily update of the days till they return.

Jess has the vomit bug today. It’s going to be another long one by the looks of things.

3 thoughts on “Op

  1. OUCH. Knee pain makes me queasy!
    Good luck for Monday!

    Bring on Spring, all the animals here know spring is nearly here. The sheep are trying to get in with the Ram cos they are randy! The birds are all flying about looking for mates, the frogs are croaking and the ducks are doing little dances for each other.
    It is great!


  2. are you going to be OK while Mum and Dad are away!!!!

    You can always ring me for a chat, or put the kids on a plane for a weekend for me to sort them out!!!

    Good luck on Monday, I will ring you before then though.

    I am in surgery myself on Friday – but observing only…I got the OK at work to go into the operating theatre for a surgery list – I am beside myself with excitement!!!

    Talk soon.

    Kate xxxx

  3. Wishing you all the best for your operation Fran. I hope the pain afterwards is only minimal and you cope ok.

    I hope Jess feels better soon. Sending lots of get well wishes her way. Praying that the rest of you don’t catch the vomitting bug. It’s no fun.

    Take care and enjoy these beautiful sunny days we have been getting lately.

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