No not bizarre, but clearly something is strange that one very busy mum is organising a school fundraising event!

The Bazaar is something that Measa and I dreamed up, thinking it would be good to have something like a fete for the kids school without it being too feteish! So we thought lots of market stalls, entertainment and a car boot sale in the yard. Easy hey?

So I’m in charge of the Bazaar stalls. So far I’ve got 16 stalls including things like jewelery, cakes, books, lingerie, Tupperware, and craft. It is going to be great fun. Even Justin is having a stall, selling off a few old computers and promoting our business (especially Open Source Software and Linux). I just need Rach now to agree to do a Fiskars Demo stall and I’ll be happy!!

So come on down to the Bazaar on 22nd September and grab some bargains!!

In other stuff – is it possible that my knee is getting sorer, or is it just that now I know I have a screw loose I am imagining more pain? You’ll all be pleased to know that I am no longer running, but doing my route walking and it is SO SLOW. The regulars look at me with puzzled expressions 🙂

I’m taking Mum to the Craft Fair tomorrow (thanks Mrs P for the free tickets). Looking for lots of new ideas and good value purchases. I did another Mosaic yesterday, this time a mirror. Going to grout it this morning and then hang it up in the Pool Room this arvo.

2 friends are having babies this week. Emma today – good luck with that!! and Clare was due Monday, so anytime now. Breathe, Breathe!! I am not the least bit jealous of these two so that is an excellent sign that I am over the baby stage!

Have a great day and weekend ahead. I’m off to grout 🙂

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