part 2

got sidetracked there….

516 We went to Carols by Candlelight last Friday at the War Memorial. It was so nice to sit under the stars on a blanket all wrapped up in our winter Woolies because it was freezing cold – about 8 degrees. Why is this happening in the middle of Summer??? Anyway, this is Lisa and Meg singing it up.
519AMy and I having a snuggle at the Carols.

522This is me. Notice any grey hairs from the trouble my children are causing me??

525Amy and I in front of our Christmas tree. Last Christmas, as I was putting up the tree at the old house, it never would have crossed my mind that this year we’d have another baby, a new house, 3 more cousins, 2 new employees and a partridge in a pear tree (I was going to say a new puppy, but thankfully we got out of accepting Rusty into the fold!).

That’s it for now. Can’t wait for Christmas Day and the 23 people here for lunch. I’ve made Baileys Irish Creme (but at the rate Jus and I are going through it I’ll have to make some more) and can’t wait to have Kate and Rohan sleeping over for a few nights. Yippeee – it is nearly here.

Mery Christmas everyone :0)

7 thoughts on “part 2

  1. Hey Fran, that is what christmas is all about, family going to carols together, I can’t wait til next year, I can just imagine what Matt would say šŸ™‚ – the photo of Lisa and Meg is just gorgeous and of course the ones of you and Amy.

    What a year you have had, we all have had – wow!!!

    and go easy on that Baileys Irish Creme – maybe you better make some more šŸ™‚ So excited about Monday – see you then, Love Pen

  2. hey gorgeous! how beautiful are all your pics?! hope you have a fantastic christmas and new year. wow 23 people, how exciting! don’t wear yourself out too much!


  3. Hi Fran, we are already onto out third batch of the home made Baileys, I’m loving it! So looking forward to Monday, see you then.

  4. We leave today….we leave today!!!
    Very excited to be heading home this afternoon.

    See you oh so soon…..we are bringing some empty bottles, so get happening on making more baileys!!!!!

    Love the photos, I hope you have copied some for me!!!

    See you tomorrow
    Kate and Rohan xxxx

  5. Hi Fran!!!

    Omg, I havent done my blog rounds in months, and have had a great time catching up on all that you have been doing! You look gorgeous as usual, and look at your bubba!! Growing so much!

    Have a wonderful Christmas šŸ™‚

  6. You have been busy blogging in the last few days! I must have been busy too – it felt like only a couple of days since I was here but it must be at least 3 or 4 because there’s three new entries!
    Don’t worry about Jess – she’s just two! And yes, Justin is a spunk too!!!
    Which Baileys recipe do you use?
    See ya on Christmas Eve!!!

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