Busy, Busy, Busy

The weekend was chaotic – a first birthday party, guys from the office here for a work BBQ, a Christening, Meg to a friends house and and Engagement Party. Oh – and a few hours at the mall getting the kids Christmas gifts sorted out. Is it any wonder I am so exhausted? Had Meg at the eye Specialist yesterday and she got a stable result, so at least no new glasses prescription this time. Got Amy at the hip Specialist this afternoon and even though he is not going to say “Let’s take this harness off her”, I would give hime a million dollars if he did! Tomorrow Meg has her 4 yr old immunization, to make her ready for preschool, and I have primed her up to expect the needle and bribed her with something special afterwards!

I saw a news piece on the weekend about a woman who was jogging with her 5 month old baby in the pram. She got a phone call on her mobile and turned away from the pram to talk and jot a number down on her leg. When she turned back the pram was gone, and she was frantic that someone had taken the pram and kidnapped the child. She was hysterical with worry. 20 minutes later, they checked the nearby river and the pram had rolled down the embankment, into the water. The baby was there, still strapped in, but not alive. The mother was so distraught. It was so terrible to see it all played out and I felt for that woman with every motherly cell in my body. She’ll never get over that. Her Christmas’s will never be the same, she’ll never be the same. I ran upstairs and kissed Amy on the head, and gave each of my girls an extra big kiss and hug. I want to tell that woman how sorry I am for what happened to her. I hope she is going to be OK.

2 more days of school and I can’t wait for the pace to drop.

Better go do some folding – the washing baskets are overflowing and no-one has any undies!

One thought on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. Hi Fran,

    Happy Chrsitmas to you and your family! I hope you find some time to relax.

    Yes, I saw the same news story and had similar feelings to you! I felt so sorry for the poor thing, she will never forgive herself. I thought it was very poor for the news to show all the footage though, it was rather upsetting. So much so I found it hard to go to sleep after watching the late news.

    Give your kids an extra hug tonight.

    Love Caz

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