Life with a nanny

I love saying “The children are with the Nanny” cause I can pretend for a moment or two that I am filthy rich and living in a scene of the Bold and the Beautiful. But truthfully, she is delightful and working out so well. She asks for jobs to do! So today I got her sweeping and doing dishes and odd jobs, as well as looking after the 3 girls while I had a meeting with the accountant. She is so capable and trustworthy – it is all falling into place nicely πŸ™‚

Speaking of the accountant I am getting a refund, yay, and the business made a profit that we are able to reap and put on the home loan. Phew – no more baked beans for dinner this week!

Jessica is totally in the midst of the terrible 2’s. She is actually making life quite difficult when she says “no” as her first reaction to whatever you put to her, and then crosses her arms in defiance and says “I don’t care”. My diversionay tactics and patience are wearing thin and she even had Rach on her toes yesterday when she minded them while I had a massage. Rach ended up putting her to bed, and after a few hours sleep she was partly human again. Grrr – Just don’t know what to do with her sometimes.

So the massage was great. Thanks Adas and Lin. It was blissful and i think I may have just been about to fall asleep when she whispered in my ear “Just get up in your own time and come out” —-noooooo, over too soon! I’ve still got some credit on the voucher so I’m heading there again in the next few weeks.

Managed to get a bit of Christmas shopping done on the weekend, but still have a few little things to get. Time is ticking away and the calendar is filling up so fast with the kids activities and parties and appointments.

Meggie wants a swim, so off to check how warm the pool is.

Ciao for now.

6 thoughts on “Life with a nanny

  1. I think Meggie is going to turn into a fish, she seems to love that pool. How long do the terrible two’s last!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you got a break and had a massage. Go the Nanny!

  2. No no no no no no no day.

    Me – Jess is it ok if Meg has a ride while you are playing over there
    Jess – NO

    Jess – Im hungry
    Me – Would you like some lunch
    Jess – NO [with arms]

    Jess – I want my blankie
    Me – Ok I will go get it
    Jess – NO [ no arms this time as fingers were in mouth]

    You are right I could have been going to offer her a block of chocolate and she would have already said no.

    Oh its only cause Im not used to it.
    Im used to …… Rach can you help me do this or Rach you can you put me to bed – but Im ready and armed now for the NO.

    You know I still love her πŸ™‚

    Yay for Katie Nanna let me know when you clone her and yes Meg may be a fish but she is also going to work for the United Nations when she is older as an international peace keeper!

    Beans beans beans beans everbody loves beans!
    [Goodies – episode ….. um I dont know but I bet your man does]


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