My friend wrote this beautiful poem.

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When I was young I found one day a basket made from straw.
It was light and it was empty and I gazed in it in awe.

And there seemed so much potential, inside that little sack,
So I grabbed it by both handles, and secured it on my back.

I threw in all the sunrises, and sunsets and bright days
I threw in all the smiles and laughs and compliments and praise.

Friends, achievements, memories, and things that gave me chills
Like churches’ stained glass windows, and stands of daffodils.

First kisses and my wedding day and all the joy that held.
My babies, and in their every look such wonder I beheld.

But I also gathered dark thoughts, harsh words, and sidewards glares,
All the bad things that I’d done, and my worries, fears and cares.

In went the hurts and injuries and in went all the pain.
And all the mean and nasty thoughts that whirled inside my brain.

By then the sack bore heavy and bent me over double.
The basket was so full of things and gave me so much trouble.

I dreamed of resting, weightless, thoughtless; quiet would abound.
And craved that peace I knew would come in sinking to the ground.

I knew then that I had a choice
Two ways that I could go.
I could let the basket crush me
Or I could let the bad stuff go.

I sat on the ground surrounded by my life in piles of stuff.
I had to let the bad things free I’d really had enough.

I put back all the good things because I knew I must.
And left the bad ones on the ground. Then crushed them into dust.

I put the basket on again
It seemed so very light.
I glanced around and everything
I saw looked new and bright.

I set off this time with hope and love and gladness in my heart.
I don’t need to keep the bad things now –
I’ve made a brand new start.

by ND