11 months

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Amy is nearly one. In some ways it has gone fast and in others very slow, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I wonder if she’ll start walking over the next 4 weeks to become the only child of mine to walk pre 12mths. We’ll see!

The other day I found a big box of my old stuff in the shed. I pulled it out, sat on the retaining wall and had the laugh of my life, while the kids played in the backyard and Amy crawled over the grass and into the dirt and through the damp leaves. I had letters in there from Rach while she was overseas the first year I was in uni and I giggled at each one and realised that she really hasn’t changed a bit over 20 years, but her taste in men certainly has! I read letters from my Nanna, from Helen (the first ever one you wrote to me as your new pen-friend, 1987 (?)) from uni friends and from Justin. It was so nice to reminisce about those times and realise how easy everything was but how much drama we created!

After I tore myself away from the dusty letters I saw that Amy was now so filthy that the outfit she had on would have to be destroyed, but also that Meg and Jess had discovered a box of my trophies and medals and were pretending to win them and accept them ceremoniously. It was hilarious. Meg took all of them and has them displayed up in her room as though she won them all herself. She is quite proud of her stash and lines them all up carefully before she goes to sleep. So precious!

I think we are over the worst of the illnesses here. It is just Jess coughing and Amy being clogged up in the nose now. I cancelled the QE2 session which was supposed to be tomorrow and all weekend, so I hope that Amy continues her good streak of sleeping and doesn’t make me regret that decision.

There are a few “old” shows on TV at the moment and Meg noticed that Andrew McF from The Flying Doctors is really Andrew from Playschool! And they all LOVE The Brady Bunch that is now on at 5.30pm. Holly always asks me if I remember the episode and I do! I think I’ve probably seen them all about 3 times each. When we were young and weren’t allowed to watch something on TV Dad would say “It’ll be on again before you’re 20” and he was right!

Here’s hoping that Lisa and Graham sell the house on Saturday for a million!