These updates are getting few and far between!

Recent things happening in our world are that the renovations inside are complete. I am just finishing up this weekend with the last coat of paint on the windows and doors and then can move to the outside to get that painting done. The carpet cleaner come today and the carpet is sparkling. After last week when Amy did a No 2 by accident in the loungeroom and Meg walked it all over the house, it was diabolically urgent that it got done!! Happy Days.

My afterschool care is going well and the girls are enjoying having the company and the extras are loving our pool. Win-Win situation there.

Saw the surgeon re my gallstones on Monday and am booked in for next Friday (20th Feb) to have the gallbladder removed via key hole surgery. It is just an overnight stay, so I should be feeling well in a short period of time. I am thrilled that this is happening as I can’t wait to feel better again. He said my stones were most “impressive” and that one was so large it had probably been there for a very long time.

Jess starts preschool tomorrow. She is head and shoulders above the other kids, but she is used to that. She also started dance classes yesterday afternoon in Meg’s group, so she is a bit chuffed with herself. Preschool has a uniform and they get homework! Bring it on, she really needs the challenge and stimulation.

Holly begins Piano lessons tomorrow. They say it is good for the brain and helps with Maths. Given that the lessons are $25 per half hour, we’ll be assessing her natural talent pretty carefully!! She is loving her yr 3/4 class and given that she is ion yr 3, she is picking up a lot of extra stuff and growing up extra fast before my eyes.

Meg is enjoying yr 1. She is a free spirit my Meg, so nothing really phases her too much. Just goes with the flow and only gets upset if something really is against her peaceful judgment.

We are waiting patiently for tomorrow when Sascha will be induced with baby 2. My bet is that it is boy. Hope it goes smoothly and quickly Sash.

Till next time…..

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  1. All the best for Friday Fran – I hope you are treated like a princess in hospital and you get lots of chocolates to help you recover! I hope the surgery is not painful and that you are up and about asap ( but only after having a few relaxing days at home with Justin and the kids waiting on you!)

    Take Care,
    Love Caz

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