Cake stall

imageI made these!  We have the school fete (Charny Carny) coming up next week so i thought I’d make something different for the cake stall this year.  These funny little bugs are kinda cute and simple to put together.

Jaffas for the eyes, liquorice allsorts for the body and clinkers for the legs.  Wrap up in a piece of cling film then tie it all together with a pipe-cleaner. Couldn’t be easier!


2 thoughts on “Cake stall

  1. I love liquorice allsorts! What sweets did you use for their legs and eyes.? Trying to think whether we have something similar over here (well in the UK rather than where I am right now which is in Romania!).

  2. Hello Helen! I’ve added the sweets to the post. I always put up the pics from my phone and think I’ll go back to it and write up the deets, but I usually forget. Thanks for the prompt.

    We have ‘Jaffas’ for the eyes (they are a choc orange ball of goodness), and the legs are ‘Clinkers’. They are a crunchy coloured sweet covered in chocolate. Both Australian I think so maybe not available in England (or Romania) but there would be a something else you could substitute for sure. Take a pic and send it to me so I can see the end product. Did you end up doing the marshmallow snowmen at Christmas?

    Have a great holiday x

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